Crown & Bridge Requirements

​The following are required for crown and bridge pre-authorisations:

  • An x-ray clearly showing the entire clinical crown, the neck and the upper part of the alveolar bone; typically a peri-apical for anterior teeth
  • The tooth number in FDI format ( i.e. two-digit numbering)
  • The major clinical code to be used: e.g. 8409 (crown – porcelain/ceramic); 8411 (crown – porcelain with metal). If a post is envisaged, please tell us the primary code for the post and/or core
  • A detailed laboratory quote
  • In the case of a bridge, information about any further planned treatments is required along with the above information. For example, this could be a short description about what is planned for other missing or damaged teeth

    Note: Further clinical information may be requested to support an authorisation request.

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