As a dental healthcare professional, you bear a unique responsibility.

For the person in charge of practice administration, few things have been more daunting than COVID-19.

Navigating through the chaos of changes in protocol, reduced patient number, restrictions on permissable dental treatment, PPE and ICD-10 codes can pile on the stress relentlessly.

And through all of this, most importantly you have patients to treat, wearing nothing but your best, most welcoming smile, despite being obscured by your PPE!

While the medical aid benefits being remunerated have not yet been solidified, your practices has costs and expenses to meet.

If you have not done so yet, the stress and grunt-work in medical aid account transition can be somewhat reduced by acquiring and using the 2020 DENTAL TARIFFS PACK.

The 2020-DTP does all the heavy-lifting for you, so you don't have to.

Here's how: All the dental and dental technician's coding, tariff and rates information has been brought together in one place.

This means instead of wasting time with unhelpful medical aid call-centre staff you have the convenience of being literally 3 mouse-clicks away from knowing what dental benefits your patient is entitled for 2020.

We will endeavour to update your with whatever COVID-19 changes once ratified.

Our most successful dentists are able to avoid medical aid scheme rejections by applying correct tariffs and complying with the new years' requirements from the get-go. So that's one thing less to worry about.

Not only do they minimise the hassle of the times, but they also save money, save time, reduce stress and free up their staff to focus on the patient.


dental tariffs pack
    We offer comprehensively all the billing and claims information you need to collect revenue in 2020. These are sourced from the medical aid schemes themselves.
    Tariffs, rates, codes, medical aid communique, 1000+ pages, curated PDFs, single zip file 29MB in size.
    Offering information regarding treatment plans, cyclical coverage, benefit details as well as suggested authorisation and claim submission paths.
    If your are an independent private practitioner registered with BHF, authorised to submit medical aid claims, you can use the DTP to ensure you adhere to suggested coding, tariffs and pricing.
    Unparallel convenient access is just an internet connection away. You also have the option of downloading the 2020 DTP to your local desktop. Anytime, anywhere, any device.



2020 GEMS Dental Rates


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Dental Tariffs Pack?

2020 DTP is a huge curated collection of medical aid scheme codes, rates, tariffs and protocol. These are collated into a .zip file which is housed in the cloud, but can be downloaded for convenient local access on your desktop.

Q: How do I Download it?

For many, many years now the Dental Tariffs Pack, or DTP has been the mainstay of many dental, therapist and oral hygiene practices, as well as dental laboratories. Once you have made your purchase you will be ushered to our download page. From there we suggest you elect to save it to your desktop or any device of your choice.

Q: Is it kept updated?

Your purchase of the 2020-DTP entitles you to all updates published in the 2020 calendar year. During this period all material will be kept constantly updated as it becomes available and released by the medical aid schemes.

Q: How do I contribute?

As a valued user of the Dental Tariffs Pack you become part of a community. Your concerns becomes our concerns. We invite all members to forward any relevant medical aid scheme material via email, where once we have verified it, it will be included in the DTP and made available to all members. Email:

Q: What is my license?

As bona-fide purchaser of 2020-DTP it is your practice that is granted access and consumption of the material in the compilation. You may download it to as many computers or devices within your practice. You are expected to respect confidentiality and copyright, violation of which will lead to legal action being taken against you.

Q: Refund Policy

Because of the nature of our product, Dental Tariffs Pack, and confidential group access, refunds are not possible. We advise you to carefully consider whether purchase of 2020-DTP suits you before-hand.



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