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dental tariffs pack

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The Easy, Low-Effort Way to Earn More by Bolstering Your Medical Aid Claims.
Get Access Right Now to Official Medical Aid Scheme Pricing Info, Conveniently as Close as the Click of a Mouse.

We all know that accurate billing and timeous claim submission is the key to securing a steady cashflow from the medical aid schemes.

But, come this time of the year, we *also* all know that dreadful feeling of staring at a disappointing remittance advice, after having previously wasted precious time navigating the medical aid call centres and websites looking for 2020 tariff prices.

Let’s change things, by making this stale situation better. We propose you kick off your 2020 dental billing operations with a brilliant start:

Here’s how you’ll benefit:

  • Maximise your medical aid income
  • Know what treatment codes you can render to your patients and what will end up get paid
  • Avoid the time-wasting run-around metered out by medical aid call-centre staff
  • Project a professional image on the part of your practice’s billing department, both in terms of accuracy and precision
  • Save even more time by enjoying simple, fingertip access to your tariffs, codes and rates – either online or on any device.

Best for:

  • private dentists
  • dental practice owners
  • dental laboratories
  • group practices
  • health centres


The 2020-DTP is an incredible tool that helps you deal with adversarial medical aids in a professional manner, and all easily obtainable in just minutes.


Here’s to wishing you a fabulous start to 2020. Now click this link and let’s get you off to a rocking, profitable new decade.

The 2020 Dental Tariffs Pack is incorporated in our Dental Tariffs SA annual membership offering.

Now Available Online