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Do you have patients on these medical aids?




Do you practice dentistry, and want to take your practice to the next level this year? Want a set of great tools that reduce the burden of dental practice administration? Get our 2021 Dental Tariffs Pack for a curated compilation of fees and tariffs published by the medical schemes. Untouched. And connect with us for more resources. We are here to help.

The 2021-DTP can assist in reducing the stress out of the transition to 2021, by helping to improve your billing and claims efficiency. For accurate pricing information regarding your tariffs and fees, the 2021 Dental Tariffs Pack can improve everyday operations at your premises, inside your rooms.

Sure, you can spend days googling and searching the internet, and pleading with the big medical schemes. Yet here we are, having done the heavy-lifting so you don't have to.

Here's how: we've curated and compiled published dental and technicians coding, tariff and rates information, consolidated this into a single ensemble, so that you can be literally 3 mouse-clicks away from billing accurately for the great care you give your patients!



Quickly handle medical aid invoicing, accurately and on-time by having tariffs and fees at-hand as published. No one has time to waste looking up prices and wondering in uncertainty.


Wrong pricing can quickly cost you money that can never be recovered. You know medical schemes will pay whatever you claim, even if it's less than published, right?


With COVID-19 dental practitioners have even less time to spend on practice admin. The 2021-DTP prevents having to duplicate your efforts, over and over again.


We all hate prolonged calls to the medical aids to establish what they cover and what they don't. The 2021 DTP gives your this info at your fingertips.




Full Access & Usage

  • Pay once only
  • All available Medical Aids
  • Dental and Lab Fees
  • Chairside Guides and Protocol



Q: What is the Dental Tariffs Pack?

2021 DTP is a huge curated collection of medical aid scheme codes, rates, tariffs and protocol. These are collated into a .zip file which is housed in the cloud, but can be downloaded for convenient local access on your desktop.

Q: How do I Download it?

In the years prior to 2021 the DTP was itself sold as a standalone download. But the growth in users, plus the plethora of devices it was being downloaded to represented a challenge. It was therefore decided to offer the DTP as part of a closed group membership site, which provides a platform for this and so much more.

Q: Is it kept updated?

Your membership to the Dental Tariffs Closed Group covers the calendar year: from 1 January to 31 December. During this period all material within the group will be kept constantly updated as it becomes available and released by the medical aid schemes.

Q: How CAN I contribute?

As a member of the Dental Tariffs Closed Group you become part of a community. Your concerns becomes our concerns. We invite all members to forward any relevant medical aid scheme material via email, where once we have verified it, it will be included in the plaform and made available to all members. Email: info@dentaltariffs.co.za

Q: What is my license?

As an honourable member of DTCG, it is your practice that is granted access and consumption of the material in the group. You may download it to as many computers or devices within your practice. You are expected to respect confidentiality and copyright, violation of which will lead to immediate expulsion and legal action being taken against you.

Q: Refund Policy

Because of the nature of our product, Dental Tariffs Pack, and confidential group access, refunds are not possible. We advise you to carefully consider whether membership of DTCG suits you before registering as a member.


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of the data, we cannot be held responsible for financial, or any other loss

that may arise as a consequence of usage. User discretion is advised.



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